Hi, I am

developer / creator / planner

“Slashers”, may not seems like a good way to present a portfolio. But since you’re here, let me show you my reasons with my story.

jason huang

While obtaining logical, analytic, and strategic thinking in major study, I also developed aesthetic visual sensitivity in minor study and interests in images creation. And with understandings about myself during my study, I have determined my goal to engage people with creativity, and this lead me to move and learn from developer to multimedia creator and arrived at creative planning.

Below are some key projects that I had worked on. Thanks for your reading so far.

creative planning at rules creative (TW)

multimedia creation at pill & pillow (HK)

Besides, working in different areas, I have also studied and worked in Hong Kong for a few years, and moved back to my hometown, Taiwan. However, with my curiousity in different cultures and people, I am keen to explore more markets worldwide.

hong kong / taiwan / worldwide

So, the reason to present myself as “slashers” isn’t about being more interested in alternative work. It is because with my decisive career objective, I have added up my experiences in different areas and markets, and going deep into creative planning with multidisciplinary knowledge, skills, and passion. Making myself able to engage audience effectively by utilizing creative mediums with creativity and practical technology applications.

I believe creativity is not something unrestrained, but something that builds on explorations, so during my free time, I would work on my own multimedia projects, and plan to write a creative blog soon. You can see more on my personal site, and thanks for reading till the end :)