extreme pro usb 3.1 solid state flash drive campaign

As a usb that is not small and compact but big and fast, try to communicate with audience strategically.

Analyzed on product status and corresponding TA, created and executed the creative plan and strategies with team. Also managed SanDisk account during proposal, execution, and report processes with aids from colleauges.


Product has good specifications and reputation, but lack of discussion recently.

target audiences

Creative creators who work on large files and need to move frequently.
Tech savvy who need speed or cross OS usages.


As the product has two sets of TA, it is better to create different contents for related audience instead of overall communication. Select influencers with accurate audience, making entertaining contents for broader impressions and in depth contents to increase TA interests in the product.

creative creators

Invite communities to join the journey beforehand, and attract TA with not only product but also work exposure opportunity. Also utilized received applications in ad serving.

Setup a personal character close to TA, sending out invitations and writes poetic diaries during the journey.

Select one of the invited influencers to make video on campaign story with high quality.

A map showing where the ssd went with influencers images, also serves as database for TA.

With the use of hashtag on Instagram, it lives on as UGC and TA’s library.


Besides numbers exceeding KPI and sales increment, many image creators or influencers also show high interests in cooperation with the brand, further confirming the campaign communicated with TA accurately and effectively.

SanDisk International Ltd.

jason huang

jason huang

jason huang, irene wei

irene wei

jason huang, irene wei

special thanks
jack dai, ting-en wei

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