interim not period 非常過渡期
personal work
2018, Taiwan

The set of images was taken during the transition between leaving Hong Kong after staying for almost seven years and returning home. They recorded the end and the beginning of life in two different places.

Unexpectedly, because the camera that was used in Hong Kong malfunctioned after some pictures had been taken, the roll of film was then rewound and unloaded. The same roll of film was used again with another camera after returning home. However, because the two cameras advanced the film in the opposite direction, there were multiple double exposure images.

The set of images was then selected, which superimposed the records of life and environments in both places, and also the transition of memory from place to place.


Images were separated into two layers of stripes and printed on celluloid, making them complete only when lined up perfectly, responding to the concept that memories in two places can only be complete when being viewed as a whole.

Combined with the exhibition theme and environment, a layer of an image was placed above and the other below the transparent lady Susan, extending the concept to let images to revolve around memories.

A roadside banquet is a traditional form of catering event in Taiwan, no matter if it is a wedding, funeral, or religious occasions. Because dishes are served one after another, like water flowing, it is also called a “flowing water feast” in Taiwanese.

Tainan International Foto Festival used this form to present Photo Go exhibition, showcasing creators’ works as a diversified experience that encourages conversation with judges and the audience.

Similar to the roadside banquet setup, a transparent lady Susan (rotating tray) was designed and placed on the table to display the main focus of the work, extending the original concept and making viewing tangible.

C-Print, celluloid, and acrylic sheet

Setup Assistance
Pi Su

Exhibition setup with video installation.